Get Ready For Halloween 2013


It’s time to get ready for Halloween 2013. It’s August now, and there are just two months (and a few days) to go…

Here are a few Halloween pages I’ve created on Squidoo to get you started…

Please go take a look:

Vampire Costumes For Halloween

This is a page featuring some very cool Vampire costumes for men, women, and even a few for girls. It also has a few offerings for accessories, particularly those crucial “teeth” to create that proper look of protruding incisors.

I also have a whole special page for vampire costumes for kids:

Vampire Costumes For Children

And that’s not all…

Are you looking for the right costumes and accessories for a wizard and witches party? Here you go:

Wizards and Witches Party

Personally, I don’t like witches that are scary. I prefer the attractive and/or cute witches costumes. And I have a page dedicated to those…

Not So Scary Witches Costumes And Other Stuff

The best thing about the costumes featured on those pages above is that most of them are available for a really fantastic price. I’m talking steep discount!

Take a look. I’ll come back with more info in the next few days and will add lots of Halloween stuff over the next days and weeks…

In the meantime, enjoy the lenses above to get you started.

And have fun getting ready for Halloween 2013!

Halloween Party Accessories

Ready for your Halloween Party?

Here are some ideas for making yours a big success. After all, Halloween Party Accessories are a must-have when you want to put together a party that’ll be a big success.

And so I picked out a few things you might want to check out:

First of all, here’s a party kit:

Halloween Party Deluxe Party Kit

And of course, you can download your FREE halloween tips to the right of this article (top right).

Meanwhile, I really like those giant Hallowen Pumpkin decals:

Friendly Pumpkin Halloween Giant Wall Decals

Friendly Pumpkin Halloween Giant Wall Decals

Decals are made of vinyl and measure 54″ wide x 44″ high.

And what about some lanterns in the oh so inventive pumpkin shape? Halloween Party Accessories aren’t complete without them.

Halloween Light Up Lanterns (3 count)

Halloween Light Up Lanterns (3 count)

These Halloween Light Up Lanterns contain 3 battery operated lanterns that are orange and black with faces of jack-o-lanterns. Each lantern requires (2) “AAA” batteries (6 batteries total) that are not included. Lantern measures approximately 15″ wide x 13.75″ high. There are no cords so you can hang them anywhere (3 plastic hooks included). Easy to assemble instructions included.

And check out this cute little bat pinata! Almost too good to be put to the “normal” pinata use…


Woohooo… and another pinata, this time a witch. Love those accessories for your Halloween Party.


And this goes well with my freebie:

Halloween Pumpkin cake pans — so you can bake some appropriate cake to keep the guests fed with yummy yet spooky food stuffs:

Jack-O-Lantern Cake Pan

Last but not least… the must-have accessory for any Halloween party: vampire bites tattoos!

Vampire Bite Tattoos

Okay, enough Halloween Party Accessories. Next post will be on custumes again (maybe).

Buy Halloween Costumes on Sale

Don’t leave it too late to buy Halloween costumes this year, or else you’ll have to pay more than you’d like.

That scary evening of fun and excitement sees children as well as adults dressing up to participate in the fun and scary games of the evening.

Halloween is probably the biggest opportunity for fancy dress costume wearing that we see in a year. It’s one evening when nobody cares what others think so go the whole hog and be as scary as you can be.

Scarlet Witch Adult Plus Costume

Scarlet Witch Adult Plus Costume

Includes: Dress, Cape, Hat, Belt. Does not include boots or broom.

Buy Halloween Costumes Online

There are a few things that you might like to think about when buying Halloween costumes via the Internet. First of all find a site that you trust. You might like to make sure that they have a return policy just in case of problems.

Before you buy your Halloween costumes make sure that the measurements of the garments are likely to fit. A great way to know if you’re getting a good costume is to read up on any reviews that have been left regarding the Halloween costume you’re interested in.

Pay particular attention to reviewers who talk about the comfort level of the costume, after all you could be wearing it for quite a few hours.

Pretty Pumpkin Witch Girls Costume

Pretty Pumpkin Witch Girls Costume

Includes dress, hat, choker. Does not include broom, tights or shoes.

Also take note of exactly what comes with the outfit. The picture may show props and accessories that are not included in the price.

Now is a great time to buy Halloween costumes while there is plenty of time to make sure that everything is going to be just as you want it and exactly right on the night. Mwwhhhhha!

Regal Vampira Girl Costume

Regal Vampira Girl Costume

Includes dress, collar. Does not include wig, ring, choker, goblet or shoes.

How to pay less for Halloween costumes

Want to go all out on Halloween without breaking the bank?  Here are a few tips on how you can do just that…

1) Know where to shop

Be on the lookout for places to shop where you’re pretty much assured to get a great price.  And of course, you don’t want to compromise on quality.  In order to get the best of both worlds, the place to shop is online.

For example, you could check out 30% off coupons like this one:

120x90 Costumes under $30

2) Buy what you really want so you won’t have to go out and get seconds…

For example, if you’re shopping for halloween costumes for adults, you’ll want to stay away from the kiddie stuff.

Here’s an example of a site that has plenty of Halloween costumes for adults.

Halloween Costumes for Adults

Here are some more costumes for you to pick from:

Vamp10 - 10% off $40 or more

3) Check out clearance costumes

Of course don’t overdo it. If you’re shopping clearance products, make sure that you get them before Halloween is all over.

And don’t buy something just because it’s cheap either! Make sure you really like it, bargain or not. If you’re not going to wear it — or if your child won’t wear it, it was no bargain no matter how low the price.

Clearance Costumes at

Buy Halloween Costumes for Less!

I love Halloween!  It’s such fun to get to dress up.

Whether you want to be scary, sexy, glamorous, fun, or your favorite fantasy character, the perfect costume for you is out there.

But why pay more than you have to? I believe in getting what you want without paying a premium — if at all possible.  And it’s definitely possible.

On this website, I’ve made it my mission to seek out some of the best deals AND selections for Halloween costumes — for less.

I’m seeking right now, so bookmark this site!

It’s your one-stop shop for buying your Halloween Costumes for Less.  Check them out.  Costumes will appear any moment now…

And you can be sure you’ll get a bargain — and fast too, so you can be the life of the party on Halloween.

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